Monday, October 15, 2007

Nothing much..

Got nothing done and nothing to do today.. I did just as much I did on the first day of raya, sleeping..

Today I just sleep a lot and for a long time.. When I woke up, I just turn on the computer and just surf the net..

I just found out this funny website which 'translate' any websites to be pimped out.. I guess..

Here's a sample.. CLICK HERE!!!

Found out about this site while searching uncylclopedia for fun.. This website has harsh and strong racism so if you aren't open-minded enough, you might be offended by this website.. Here's an article about Malaysia.. Don't say I didn't warn you about it..

Thanks to b-for-tesla for introducing this website.. Now if only I was into reading long articles...




Anonymous said...

mati la ku klak mun org tangga ia. mantak mantak ko angkah aku lam post ia.

SPEUL said...

ilek2 lah.. bkn slalu.. gk pun ada warning sia...