Sunday, October 14, 2007

2nd Day of RAYA!!!

Today was the 2nd day of Raya and I had a lot of fun as I went out with my friends to go and visit some other friends!!!

Here are some of the pictures taken today!

My house.. They went to my house first!!! 1st house!!!

My friend's cousin's house..

Donald gulping some langkau (Rasa nya lah.. Aku sik minum so aku sik tauk)..

Pusak pun mok raya!!! Tapi pusak tok tido.. Kedak aku marek.. Hahaha..

Rumah nuTt

Mok padah desperate housewives kelak jadi kontroversi.. Hehehe..

Ahli keluarga nuTt!!! Say hello to my little friend!!! HEHEHE!!!

The MoMs...

Bos carrom!!! Hahaha..

After eating, you posing...

The Raya Angels..

Family Potrait

Susah mok bergambar ngan Donald tok..

Caught red handed!!! Caught in action!!!

Eh, dah beranak?!

Single Dad?! Hehehe.. Sapa maok?

nuTt with one of her family members! Again, say hello to my little friend!!!

KRU wannabe.. World?!

Berlalu lah sudah ramadhan... Welcome to my crib!!!
Baju tok kaler nya special effect namanya...

Karaoke session while waiting for Awang to come home so we can go and visit him..

At Awang's house..

We ate, we relaxed and we posed...

Group photo before leaving..

Eh, mok chow dah?!

Actually, there were a few more houses we went after Awang's but the battery was flat.. This can be described as the best Raya I've ever celebrated yet..

Thanks to all.. for coming and for open-housing.. HAHAHAHAHA!!!
I guess I'm too full that I talk crap.. Hahaha..


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mike said...

rugi aku sik join eh...selamat raya..