Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The day...

Yesterday nothing much happened, so there's like nothing to blog about.. Kind of a boring day.. Still with the blackouts once in a while, makes you thinking what the hell are they changing or upgrading at SESCO..

Maybe there was an explosion and some freaky lab accidents, and some of the workers there were mutated and become something like Electricman, with the power to charge you more in the electricity bill or cut of your electricity... HAHAHA...

Maybe I've been watching too much television when I was just a kid.. But some people just wants to be a hero themselves... Makes me thought about the show "Who wants to be a superhero?".. Haha..

Talking about hero, a friend of mine is trying to be a hero by running for president for the student council. Today is the nomination day, and if he's lucky, he'd be the president as nobody else had given their name on Monday.. But that was Monday and this is today.. Today is the day, and hopefully, he'll be the one..

Good luck to you, Mr. Future President..
We'll be rooting for you..

Hehe.. Good luck..


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