Thursday, October 4, 2007


Lately I love to sleep for hours and then waking up all tired.. I hate this.. But it has become a habit for me.. Does anyone knows how to 'cure' this habit? Hehehe..

I woke up today about half an hour ago and missed my moring class.. I don't know how am I going to campus today as the transporter is not here.. Hahaha.. My grandparents' car could not be use because the road tax has expired since 2006.. Can you believe it? And i just used the car last week without even noticing.. Well, who would notice if the car had no road tax anymore because the car always stays at home, well, most of the time... HeHe..

Currently I felt like my blog is crappy, with some lame posts and nothing interesting to blog about.. I need some fresh ideas to freshen up this blogs.. If you want to see some changes in this blog, feel free to comment.. Need something new to blog about.. My environment would not be best to blog about as it is boring.. As going to campus everyday will have the same outcome.. Going to the student lounge and just sit there doing nothing until it's time to go home.. Besides going to class that is..

I need some ideas.. I would like to be a good blogger and would attract viewers but currently, that will not happen as I have nothing interesting.. Unless one day, frogs will fell down from the sky and it'll be raining frogs.. Or one day, some foreigners will come and take over the restaurants to become filthy rich and conquer the food industry.. Hahaha.. What is going on in this brain of mine?

Stupid ideas came pouring down when it's not supposed to, but when i need it, my brain just won't produce any ideas.. Maybe I need a brainwash.. Hahaha.. Because maybe it's too dirty.. Hahaha.. This blog needs to be refresh..

-till next time-


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