Monday, October 1, 2007

Shocking News!!!

All around the world today, actually, Kuching City, blackouts occur since the morning (only heard about it), and Sarawak Plaza just went DARK around 8.30 - 8.45.. Approximately around that time lah, I was lucky to be in the action when it happened.. And if I was very very lucky, and very quick, I may have gotten a new pair of boots.. HAHAHA..
Yeap, that's right folks, a new pair of boots..

Some people even took the opportunity to search for the right sized jersey (CHELSEA) to take away with HIM but didn't have the chance to..
Well, that's that..
Lom papa gk cdak Lea Center dah kelam kabut ngecheck ada sik barang ilang..
Lucky that I was an honest person (bullshit!!) and did not take away (tapau) the boots.. Lucky Lea Center..

Before the incident happened, I was with some friends berbuka puasa (opening fasting.. haha.. or is it fasting opening??) at Hartz.. Worth the money? Ok lah... Let's see what i ate..
Well, that's not the only plate that i ate, but the final plate... Mashed potato with Vanilla IceCream as the gravy.. Delizioso.. Well, if you see it, you might feel like puking.. Hahaha.. But delicious like ice cream with potato.. Hahaha..



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