Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lab Rats?

The past two days I was answering some quetionnaires for some research. It was some boring survey for some boring research. I only did it for the money! Hahaha.. Easy job actually.. Just view some boring website and answer some boring questions. Luckily for me that was over. But it'll take three fucking months to get the money. As long as I'll have the money, I can survive. But if I don't by three months time, someone will have to suffer! Hahaha..
Bored and nothing to do.. Updated blog with nonsense..
That's what I'm doing right now!


SquareRootOne said...

apa url?

SPEUL said...

eh.. byk gila link nya.. some of them are petronas, tnb, and macam2 lagi..