Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Spring Review...

Well.. It's a big place with many shops selling stuff.. Not very common in Kuching, as we here don't have enough space to build a gigantic building like that.. Forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of the place. The building itself is huge and can make you feel a little lost.. Sometimes you wonder were you circling in circles or are you going to another side.. But who cares.. It's the biggest in Kuching right? Even Parkson has dominated 3 floors of the building.. Today I felt like I was not in Kuching anymore.. Why? Because of the weird-never-seen-before-dressings I saw today.. They look like some alien from out of space (actually they don't look from here..) Like there was some fashion show going on everywhere.. Haha..

The food court is always full. Waited for 10 minutes or more just to get a table and another 10 waiting for the food.. People there are like piranhas because just as me and my friends stood up from our table, there's this group of people just grabbing our chair with the look on their faces telling us to get away already.. Hahaha..

There's one thing I'm curious about the Spring is there's this one hair salon located at the basement of the building where you can only spot it when you enter the lobby of the underground car park.. I mean, when to think about it, after you have been looking for parking and been stuck in the jam for half an hour or so, you can go there and get yourself a haircut.. Pretty convenient huh?! Hahaha..

There are still many more shop lots to be open and more job opportunities for me?

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