Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the 3rd day of Xmas.. or is it 2nd?

Hah.. I don't know.. But today, I went out and just chill with my friends.. Just the three of us, a car, many undecided plans... Yesterday, we planned to go watch a movie since it's movie day.. But then, we went to visit a friend of ours for christmas open house.. Free food..who would waste them, right? Hehe..

I thought that we would just hang around there until it was time for the movie.. But we were there until it was 7 p.m. And we were there since around 3 p.m. Haha.. Watched Ice Age 2 and part of RV at his house.. There goes our movie.. Hehehe..

We went to Boulevard after that.. Wanted to see the place as it had just open a few days ago.. Still empty for some of the shops in there and the place was very cold.. When I say cold, I mean you could go inside the building, and buy yourself a jacket just to go window shopping there only... The place is quite interesting as Kuching has never had one giant hypermarket which have payment counters from one end to another.. But still have empty counters.. Hehehe...

After some window shopping in Boulevard, we decided to go for our dinner and ended up in SCR at Jalan Song.. Then, we started planning our next location to chill out and relax.. Any open spaces would be rejected as today it rained since this morning.. So we had gone to Hock Lee, as one of us had never been there.. He's not from here so it's acceptable.. Hehehe.. Went to the arcade, played a few games and went window shopping again... Meli penjan? Haha.. But most of the kedey dah closed already.. Mata ku dah ngantok so I mengarut lah sitok.. Yes, I feel sleepy and very mengantok and I repeated the ayat ulang agik skali..

This is where I should end my post for now.. Mala jak lupak mbak camera.. Mun sik, ada la gambar Boulevard masok sitok.. Hehehe... Peace out!

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