Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today can be considered as my lucky day as I can say that I eat and fill my stomach with food.. Not just any food but food that you will not consume on a daily basis, unless you went to pizza hut everyday for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.. I went to campus in the afternoon today after I picked up my little siblings from school and sent them home. Just a few minutes after I arrived, a friend of mine took us for lunch, planned to go to Hartz but ended up at Causeway Bay in Crown Square.. Ate the recommended baked cheese rice with fish fillet, if I'm not mistaken, that's the name of the meal... Tasted good but the portion is too little for me, maybe because I haven't had breakfast and makes me still wanting for more.. But I have limited budget for a day, so, what to do? Just eat and shut up... Hehe.. After lunch, we headed back to campus..
At campus, hanged around less than 5 minutes, decided to go to a friend's house to play computer game.. well actually, install the game, because a certain someone does not have the intellectual knowledge of installing the game.. Well, he doesn't know how to (most games he has in his laptop are installed by me)..
While we were hanging out in Donald's place (or should I say crib), we (well, mostly I) checked out every room and drawers and then we strike gold in his own room! Hahaha.. We celebrated as we found it.. (Hahaha...) And he promised us to have dinner at Pizza Hut!!! Yeah baby, yeah... Free dinner.. So that basically wraps up my life today as I can say that I hardly eat out...
Yeaps.. That's all.. Delicious lunch and free dinner, what is there for me tomorrow? Hahaha.. Hopefully there's more..
Hahaha.. I Wish!!!

I think that my blog is getting boring.. What is there to do? Hmm...


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