Thursday, May 1, 2008


Tomorrow will be a new day, which I will be a volunteer for the One Life Revolution (OLR) by World Vision Malaysia, which is to help and make people see into the eyes and walk in the shoes of the people or children who endures extraordinary hardship because of HIV/AIDS.. Yes people, HIV/AIDS.
It will be a journey where you listen to a story of a person who has HIV/AIDS and see what they endure in their life. Erk, I just repeated what I typed. Well, nevermind..
They will have an exhibit at The Spring from the 1st till the 4th of May. There are also some souvenirs to buy where the money is donated to help these kind of children who needs them. Hopefully people will see through the kids' eye as they struggle through in their life. You only have one life! Take care of it.. Well, after you enjoyed it to the max! Hahaha..

Hopefully I don't wake up late tomorrow and miss the launching. If I missed, then I'll not be there to volunteer. Help me to help you! Hahaha!


Zou said...

Is it pasal Human trafficking ya ka? Haha. Terasa insaf ku bila ngenang kempen2 kedak tok..

SPEUL said...

nya lah ya.. pasal benda HIV/AIDS ya..