Sunday, January 20, 2008

A New Saga...

In a galaxy far far away..... erm.. not that kind of saga.. but it's the new Proton Saga..

I still like the looks of the old Proton Saga but what the heck, this new one has a new engine, a new look, and all the new shit! Haha.. The model is based on Savvy but it is a bit wider, a longer wheel base, higher roof, bla bla bla.. The interior looks a bit (well, actually, a lot) like Gen-2's interior and what's with proton liking to put the kancil like air conditioner look.. Round looking air conditioning unit is one of the reasons which makes the car looked like it was cropped out from another car and put together as A NEW SAGA! Not to mention the other familiar looking interior. So much for the reborn of a national car. More like a remake of a ready made car with a new name on it to put more car to sell so they can make profit kind of car. Well, what the heck if someone just buy me a Saga. Then I can go anywhere showing of a new car right? Hehe.. Ok. Enough craps about this new car..

Finally, they lived happily ever after...


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