Monday, November 12, 2007


Hey, my results are out.. Do you want to know what I got? Fuck you! Hahaha.. Just guess.. I'm not going to tell you.. What are you going to do with it anyway? It's not going to change history.. Or even make a better future..

Well, forget my results.. It's just that I need to do better in what I do in the future from now on.. Getting bored sitting at home doing nothing.. Even with internet I got nothing to do.. But still with this crappy connection where I can only go online after midnight until sunrise... I've tried that yesterday, and I found out that the connection was never interrupted.. But when I tried going online during the afternoon, the connection will go slow and sometimes disconnects which frustrates me the most..

Guess that's all I need to say for now.. So, to whoever wanted to know my results, once again, FUCK YOU! It's because you won't change a damn thing about it.. Hahaha..


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