Saturday, October 6, 2007


Today, I played football at Padang D near Stadium Sarawak there.. or was it Stadium Negeri?

We all played like little kids.. Well, this kid looks skillful..

Never mind that, but playing today was much fun as I hadn't playing football since Jubilee Ground few months back.. Well, it's actually my second time since I went to campus that is.. I'm not really skillful at football but I'll try my best in every game I'm involved in.. Well, sadly, I can say that I can't play well enough today.. I felt very very tired about ten minutes after the game started and was replaced.. Fasting and football at the same time is very hard for me.. But being a linesman was fun.. Well, that was last week..

Today, we played without any referee and linesmen.. Most of the goals were scored in an offside position and having no referee at all means that we all tried to play our best.. But it's still hard.. When you see no referee, you'll tend to go into offside position and will never get caught.. Unless it was really obvious..

No referee in a football match is like a speedway without no speed limit..?? HEHE..

Maybe next time I'll try to bring a camera to take some pictures.. Currently, I'm trying to take pictures for this blog.. Trying to make it more interesting.. Blah.. Next time!!



Anonymous said...

KO TEAM SUPASTA MAREK!!! hehe. Sukk la u kawan?

SPEUL said...

weh.. bak kata kau dikpun.. "wat to do?"

gk pun ko ada score bah!! mombok gk ya!!!

shit man!! (another of your catch phrase!)