Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A day in my life...

I finally brought a fully charged camera with me to campus today and took some pictures of what me and my friends did in campus today, well, it's almost the same everyday..

Arrived at student lounge and saw these guys playing carrom..

Later, we played UNO..

Well, that was in the morning... After we got back to campus after some window shopping, well, WINDOW SHOPPING only, we got back and saw THIS!!
Full house! ehehe.. actually, it was late in the afternoon, well, u can see from the time in the picture..

Some played PES6..
Menunggu dengan sabar.. dan boring...
While others 'wait' for their turn...

When it was already late (haha.. yea right!!!), some of them went home...

While we still pose for this pic..

Gay-ish moment!!!


Most of the pictures were taken by jewL.. THANKS!!!

Later that night, we went for some futsal game.. For fun.. I didn't took much pictures as the camera is low batt..

Well, here are some pictures I took..

POWERBALL!!! hahaha..

until next time..


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